Earn Money Online While Working Less And Making More

How to earn money online fast while working less, and enjoying tons of free time.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and you feel stuck, overwhelmed and overworked or if you are new to online business. if you have been struggling to earn money online for  a long time, if you value freedom above all else, if you want to escape the rat race, fire your boss and stop slaving 9 to 5, if you want to achieve financial independence, if you want to be able to travel the world, enjoy your hobbies, spend quality time with your family and make money even while you sleep and  if you are looking for a simple, effective and rapid results producing method to earn money online fast , you have come to the right place.

I am going to help you create more free time, multiply your income and finally start living the life of your dreams.

I am not going to show you one hundred ideas on how to earn money online. And I won’t teach you one thousand ways to make money from home. I am going to focus on one single formula, that I know for certain will produce results. Being scattered and jumping from one shiny object to another is the surest way to fail in any endeavor.  While being laser focused, aligned with your goal and success congruent will take you to your destination in record time and will help you eat the cake and enjoy it too.

I know how you feel and what your struggles are. I have been in your shoes.

For 15 years I struggled to earn money online? I knew the financial security and the freedom were in building an online business but I could not find a way to become profitable online for a very long time. I bought a lot of expensive programs based on the big but fake promises of so called internet marketing “gurus”. They all did not deliver. I jumped from one shiny object to another in search of the holy grail of online profits. I wasted a lot of money and more importantly, I wasted a lot of time on my quest for internet success. My relationship with my wife and my daughter suffered because I was spending almost all of my free time on the computer, trying to discover how to earn money online at last.

I was quite successful in any area of my life offline. I had achieved every dream I had. I graduated as an Air Traffic Controller in Bulgaria. I emigrated to Australia when I was 29 without knowing a single soul there, with basic English language skills, with a 3-month tourist visa and $800 in my pocket and I managed to become an Australian citizen and to realize my childhood dream of becoming an airplane pilot. In case you don’t know a commercial pilot’s license with all bells and whistles cost in excess of $100 000.  I married a wonderful woman and we have a beautiful daughter we both adore. I returned to Bulgaria to instruct young pilots for the Bulgarian Airlines. I also brought Emotional Freedom Techniques to Bulgaria. I wrote a book on EFT, which became a bestseller.  I lead many seminars and workshops on various alternative health and applied psychology techniques I have learned through the years. Aviation, psychology and alternative medicine are my passions. And later I went back to work as an Air Traffic Controller in my favorite city of Varna, as I could not stand the hectic lifestyle of the capital Sofia anymore.  I loved my job as ATC in Varna but age, accumulated stress and night shifts were taking their toll on me. Life had taught me I should never rely on a single source of income. The 10 years spent living in Australia, showed me the importance of having my own business. I came to a point where I no longer was willing to keep selling my time. I have started trying to connect the dots and finding a way of building a successful online business while I was living in Australia, but I still could not figure out a simple and effective way to do it. Now I realize I couldn’t because I bought all the hype, lies, empty promises and internet marketing crap the “gurus” were feeding me. I devoured it and asked for more.

Until one day when I woke up and I felt I had enough. That day I decided to challenge everything I have learned so far, to rethink and reorganize all the information I have gathered through the last 15 years, to outline the success principles I have unconsciously followed in order to succeed offline and to develop my own online success algorithm.  My formula had to follow three main principles.

My Formula Principles

1. Simplicity 

I like simplicity in everything I do. Simplicity leads to better time management and lowers the stress, frustration and overwhelm you feel when you are challenged with a new action step.

2. Effectiveness

This principle could be explained as the least amount of energy and effort required in order to produce a desired and satisfactory result.

3. Rapid results delivery

I have learned through my many failures and years of struggle that nothing motivates like success. The faster you see results on the new road you are traveling the more likely you are to stay on it and the more excited you will be to take the next step.

And I finally succeeded. After 15 years of buying courses, trying and failing but not giving up I discovered what the missing piece in the puzzle of online success was and created a working formula that allowed me to finally start to earn money online.

And I want to share it with you. As I do not want you to struggle like I did. I want you to see rapid success, and finally start living the life of your dreams.

I am on a Highway to Wealth.

Come Ride With Me

Money Matrix

I am going to show you how to earn money fast and I will help you make an easy and comfortable living without slaving 9 to 5 and sacrificing your free time.

I’ll prove to you that no matter what your current knowledge, skill level, and resources are, I can help you build an online business that exceeds your wildest dreams.

But before I start showing you how to earn money fast we need to find out if you are Wealth Resistant.

You must understand that if you have hidden internal conflicts related to any of the 5 kinds of money, no matter what bulletproof system, secret method or latest craze strategy of money making you try to learn and apply, you will inevitably fail as you will subconsciously sabotage your own efforts.

Internal conflicts are vastly under-recognized as sources of human pain,  suffering, and self-sabotage, and as major obstacles to individual fulfillment, satisfaction and contentment. It is estimated that at least one out of four adults suffer from serious and revitalizing internal conflicts.

For quite some time there has been abundant, scientific, well-documented, and compelling evidence that the two brain hemispheres are home to two independent personalities, each one with its own separate set of beliefs, values, preferences, tastes, and personal style.

Once you begin to consider the possibility of an independent personality in each brain hemisphere, the internal conflicts of the individual, become easy to understand and explain and most importantly,  they become easy to treat.  When someone is experiencing an active, real-time inner conflict the two personalities are battling simultaneously to solve the same problem by employing contradictory strategies and behaviors, based on their opposite sets of capabilities, identities, beliefs, values, and missions. Ultimately only integration of these two personalities, a discovery and recognition of a middle ground where they can exist and act in harmony can serve as a resolution to the internal conflict. And this integration of the two personalities is the fastest way to finding a solution to the original problem. As only then the full spectrum of abilities, resources, brilliance, intuition, and genius of the individual can be released.

Inner conflicts related to wealth creation, abundance, and financial freedom is what I call Wealth Resistance.

Releasing your Wealth Resistance is paramount to your success and determines the ease and speed of wealth creation.

If you are determined to earn money fast you must find out if you have inner conflicts related to the 5 kinds of money. In my experience, 9 out of 10 people have at least one inner conflict related to wealth creation.

So the first thing you need to do before I I start showing you the ropes and teach you how to earn money fast is to find out what is your true relationship with each of the 5 kinds of money.

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