Ivan Petarnichki

Instant Transcendence Coach.

Welcome to my world!

I have been fascinated by mind control abilities and brain plasticity since I was a teenager.
I have been involved in experimental and applied psychology for the last 30+ years.

I have studied and mastered over 40 different techniques and methods for rapid shifts and dramatic improvement of the physical, mental and emotional states of people.

I show entrepreneurs and business owners who feel stuck, overwhelmed and overworked how to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals in record time by using not well known to the western world brain reset and self-identity upgrade techniques that produce profound results in minutes.

Most of my clients double their income, productivity and free time within few months.

"80% of success depends on psychology and 20%  on strategy. Without proper psychology, even the best strategy has limited use." - Tony Robins

It breaks my heart to watch hardworking entrepreneurs, like you, try to grow their business in the hardest way possible. I would hate to see you experiencing a lot of unnecessary suffering because you choose to build your business alone and without the expert help you need.

Get a ride on the Highway To Wealth,
and let me show you how in just 40 days you can discover a stress-free road to success, master the game of money, and install the mindset of a tranquil winner so you can have the freedom, flexibility, income, and lifestyle you deserve.

Contact me for a Free 30min "Profits Breakthrough Strategy" session and:
1. Create a crystal clear vision of ultimate business success
2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way
3. Leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to get results faster and easier than you ever thought possible.