My Story

Being born in Bulgaria during the communist regime required putting the full extent of one’s potential on the table if one was committed to succeeding.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I was born in Bulgaria during the communist regime. Since I was 10 I wanted to become an aircraft pilot. I did not want to become a military pilot as I hated being ordered what to do and not having a free choice. I graduated from High School of Mathematics with excellent grades. There were only 10 cadets accepted to be trained for the Civil Bulgarian Airlines in the only Bulgarian Military Air Force Academy each year.

The competition was fearsome, to say the least. All the boys that were accepted had good political connections. I didn’t. Actually, no one in my family was a member of the Communist Party. So I could not get in.
As I had excellent High School graduation grades and a high score on the acceptance test I was offered to be enrolled as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). I accepted as otherwise, I had to do a compulsory service as a soldier for two years. That would have been two years totally wasted.

I graduated as an ATC in 1990 just a year after the communist regime fell apart. The following few years the economic situation in the country was getting from bad to worse. Despite that, I had 5 years of pure bliss. I had a job that I loved. I was based in the city of Varna on the seashore. Varna is considered the best city in Bulgaria to live in. I played beach volleyball every day during the summer and went snowboarding in the winter for at least a month. I made good money. I was in great shape. I worked on the side as a male model in the fashion industry. I was young, prosperous, handsome and popular.

But then my life took an unexpected turn. In 1996 the ATCs went on a strike for a pay rise. Many ATCs were fired as a result. I was one of them.

At this time I had few mishaps – my apartment was robbed, my car was stolen, I lost all my savings due to a bank collapse, I had a fight over a girl with one of the local gang members who threatened to kill me. It was a time when the new crime organizations were fighting for pieces of the market. Dead bodies were found in the gutters almost every week. The police could not cope with the number of crimes so they preferred to just look away. One day I found myself without a job, income, savings and with a death threat hanging over my head. So I decided to flee the country.

I sold all my possessions and went to Australia. The first two years down under were the darkest years of my life. I was an illegal immigrant. I worked many underpaid and lowgrade jobs just to support myself. I was lonely, poor, miserable and homesick. At one point I virtually felt I was about to lose my mind. I hated everyone and everything, including myself with such passion, I had so much unexpressed rage inside me I felt this enormous desire to kill someone or blow up a building. At this time I realized I had to seriously examine my way of thinking and living, my goals my values and to get a hold of my life. I figured the most important thing was to achieve control of my mind.

I remembered a book I have read when I was about 20y.o. called “Mind Control” - By Hose Silva and started practicing the exercises from it, as well as I could remember them. The book called for a minimum of 40 days of everyday practice of certain visualization and affirmation exercises for the achievement of a specific goal. And within a month my life began to change. New opportunities arose. I took new qualification courses. I started developing new skills and acquiring new knowledge.

Within one year I had my own Personal Trainer business, I made enough money to pay for my commercial pilot’s license (that is over $100,000) and I managed to get an Australian residency, which allowed me to remain legally in the country.

While I was working as a personal trainer I realized that many of my clients had psychological barriers that prevented them from achieving the health and fitness results they dreamed of. So I started educating myself on methods and techniques that delivered rapid and lasting mental shifts.

Since then I have studied and applied over 40 different methods for improvement of the physical, mental and emotional states of people.

In 2005 I married a beautiful and kind soul - a Bulgarian girl I have met through a mutual friend. We had a wedding in Bulgaria and during that time I was offered a position of a Flight Instructor of young pilots for the Bulgarian Airlines. The Military Air-Force Academy I had graduated from was no longer. Pilot licensing was to be privately funded now. I accepted the position and worked in a private flight school in the capital of the country, Sofia, for two years.

I used the mental techniques I have learned up to this point to help these young pilots to move faster through their training and get higher scores on their tests. When they got hired by the airlines they told me they always stood out of all the cadets and were praised for their skills, attitude, and knowledge.

Meanwhile, I kept looking for faster and simpler techniques that produced even more pronounced shifts in the human psyche. I wrote and self-published a book on Emotional Freedom Techniques, which became a bestseller in Bulgaria. I did not like the hectic and stressful lifestyle of the capital. My wife got pregnant and I realized I needed to find a not so dangerous, less stressful and better-paid job. So I set 3 goals - doubling my salary, moving back to the city of Varna and finding a job as a private pilot.

I started applying a combination of the new mental techniques I have learned on these goals. Within 6 months I got an offer to work as a pilot of a private aircraft that was owned by a wealthy businessman who was based in Varna. The job came with a salary that was a little over twice as big as my current salary and working time that was many times lower than my current working hours. I worked for him for a year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Unfortunately after one of the government swaps, he lost all his fortune within few months and had to sell his private airplane.

During the next year, I supported my family conducting seminars and promoting, and selling my books. I wrote and self-published another book on PTSD that contained extremely easy, simple and rapid results producing techniques for clearing heavily charged with negative emotions events from someone’s past.

These were tough times for the Bulgarian economy. Many businesses went down. People were getting poorer and poorer. There was a shortage of Air Traffic Controllers and my ATC colleagues kept asking me to go back to work as an ATC. As a result of the strike, we made 15 years ago ATCs were the highest paid government employees now. Money from the seminars and the books was drying up by the month, as people were struggling to make ends meet, and had to spend the little money they had on food and electricity. So I decided to go back to ATC.

As I have not worked for over 15 years I had to go through a rigorous training, start at the lowest possible position and work my way up. Within two years I climbed the ATC certification ladder and doubled my private pilot salary. Meanwhile, I kept conducting seminars on the side and kept improving, simplifying and perfecting the goal achievement systems that I used and taught in my seminars. I showed my rapid PTSD relief techniques to the ATC clinical psychologists and they were so impressed by them that they invited me to become a member of the board of Critical Incident Stress Management for Air Traffic Controllers.

Meanwhile, I decided to start my own online business and spread the word about the methods of fast mental shifts I have learned and perfected. I have been watching the evolution of the Internet Marketing scene for the last 15 years. I have been buying courses and experimenting with new developments in the field of neuro-plasticity, applied and experimental psychology and I believe that the goal achievement algorithm I use is the fastest result producing stress-free success system available today...... I used this system to help several people start successful businesses during the recession and multiply their income.

So now I have decided to share my system with hard-working go-getters, like you, as I hate to see you struggling.

I have achieved every goal I have set so far in my life.
I have a high paying job that is engaging, stimulating and amusing. I have tons of free time. I have the knowledge, skills, and mindset to create money on demand, to live comfortably, to pay for my daughter’s private education, to go on vacations 5 times a year, to enjoy my hobbies and to feel financially secure. I am in a loving relationship with my wife that grows stronger and more fulfilling every year. I am in a great shape and at the age of 50 my health and fitness level is better than those of the most 25y.o. I know. I have created a lifestyle which few ever attain.

Now it is your turn.

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